Unique and Fun Holi Celebration Ideas for 2022

Celebration is a part of our life and we can say that it became routine in our life. Thus, the ways of Holi celebration are also becoming more common in people like get-together, having lunch and dinner together, gossip, dance or Holi celebration parties, playing games etc.

Yes, we all love these ideas for Holi celebration. But how about celebrating this Holi in some unique ways? Here we’re talking about ideas having gratitude, kindness and of course full of fun and enjoyment.

First of all, let’s get started with the Holi 2022 date and timings, if you’re wondering when is the Holi festival?

To make this reading experience exciting and full of Holi vibes, we’re embedding a Holi special song for you. You can continue playing it in background (at a lower volume) while reading this article.

Holi 2022 Exact Date and Timings

Holika Dahan: 17 March, 2022 (Chaturdashi as per Hindu Calendar)

Holi: 18 March, 2022 (Last full Moon day)

Purnima Tithi Timings: Starts 17 March, 2022 01:30 PM and ends 18 March, 2022 12:47 PM

Now, let’s share some unique ways to celebrate this Holi where there is enjoyment with satisfaction.

As you all know, the festival of colours, Holi 2022 is on the way and here we are going to share some unique Holi celebration ideas which will give you enjoyment as well as some fruitful outcomes simultaneously. You will think, “How”? Let’s discuss.

Visit an Orphanage or Old Aged Home

Firstly, have you ever thought about sharing your festival feelings with any needy people? Try it. You will get more happiness and much satisfaction than any other ways of celebration. All you need to do is, go to any orphanage or old aged home or any nearby area where needy people live, if possible, play Holi with them using natural colours.

Play some games to make them refreshed and happy. Share some food with them if you wish. This way of celebration leads our children to learn some life values from us as well as the philosophy of enjoyment and satisfaction turns true in life.

Get-together of Family, Friends, Relatives and Playing Games

Secondly, if you are living with a large family and there are members starting from younger to elders in your family, the best idea is to arrange story telling by elders about the history of celebrating Holi and quiz competition on the subject of Holi by using the historical characters and reasons behind celebrating the festival of Holi.

In this way, you need to prepare some questionnaires on the subject of Holi. You can arrange the celebration in the sequence of prayer, then storytelling, quiz, winner announcement, Holika Dahan, playing Dhuleti with natural colours or flowers, refreshment (breakfast/dinner/thandai) and depart.

This way of celebration not only gives enjoyment and excitement particularly to children as well as to all but also makes us and our children aware about our culture and history.

Attend or Host a Holi Party and Local Event

The third way is to go to parties and events which have already been organized by Amdavad’s resorts, clubs and event organizers with your family, friends, and relatives.

You can also arrange some singing competitions or Antakshari on songs of Holi if there are good singers or have a hobby of singing among the members.

You can also arrange playing games like Musical Chair, Dumb Charades, speaking ascending and descending numbers and there are more games if you search about them. Games give us enjoyment, excitement, activeness and refreshment.


Here are some other celebration ideas you can use for your Holi Party.

Dress Code: Wearing plain white or any other light colour outfits is a good idea for a Holi party dress code.

Playing Holi Songs: Celebration of Holi is incomplete without dancing on the popular Holi Song “Rang Barse Bheege Chunarwali” sung by Amitabh Bachchan. Here we’re suggesting a few playlists having Holi special songs so that you can get started with your musical Holi party in just a click.

YouTube Music: Ultimate Holi Mix | Holi Playlist | Holi Party Mix

Spotify: Holi Special | Let’s Play Holi

Use Organic Colours Only: Use natural colours made from Flowers for your Holi celebration. These colours are safe and skin-friendly. You can also order natural Holi colours from Amazon.

Food and Drink: Holi celebration is incomplete without delicious food and Thandai. Serve delicacies like gol-gappa shots, pav bhaji, chole bhature and sugar-free gujiyas. Also arrange an assortment of drinks like Thandai, Lassi, mocktails and lemonades.

It doesn’t matter what we celebrate but it is most important how we celebrate it and what we are getting from it. Are we satisfied with our celebration, does it give enjoyment and fruitful outcomes? What outcomes are our children getting from the celebration? Every celebration should also be a part of our physical and mental development.

So, enjoy Holi 2022 in unique ways. Be safe. Be healthy.

If you’ve any creative and unique ideas for Holi celebration, let us know in the comments below. If we like we’ll feature your idea in our article with an appropriate credit citing your name.


Image Credits

Feature Image: Bhupesh Pal
Girl Celebrating Holi: Purtika Dutt
Natural Holi Colours: Alena Darmel

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