5 Best Places to Visit Nearby Ahmedabad for One -Two Days Picnic

Ahmedabad is surrounded by many picnic spots offering various physical activities, pleasant atmosphere, and an easy getaway from city life. Being the biggest city of Gujarat, it has been the center of attraction for tourists as well.

The best places to visit in Ahmedabad comprises of natural beauties, historical monuments, and other adventurous sites.

The article covers the top five picnic places to visit in and around Ahmedabad if you have a day or two to spend some free time with your friends, family, or office colleagues.

Stick around you guys to know about a few outstanding places you won’t like to miss before planning a nearby outing in Ahmedabad.

1. Polo Forest

Adorned with the beauty of lush green cover and mountains, Polo Forest is undoubtedly a place to spend blissful time in the lap of nature. One can plan a one day picnic to explore this natural scenic destination surrounded by ancient temples, Harnav river, and a dam.

You can go for trekking with your friends over the mountains ranges of Polo Forest and hire a guide as there are many trekking routes. It is an excellent place for site seeing and clicking nature if you are a fan of photography.

Every year government organizes a Polo Utsav with various adventurous activities like cycling, trekking, and jungle safari. There is no entry fee or permission required as it is open for public.

You will find a few resorts near Polo Forest, or you can book a stay at Polo Campsite authorized by the forest department.

Activities to do: Trekking, Road Trip to Polo Forest, Photography, Camping

2. Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park

It is one of best places for making your holidays memorable and fun-filled. Tirupati Rushivan Adventure park is a fantastic place to visit during summer vacation with family members. The largest amusement park of Gujarat in Tirupati Rushivan is a major attraction for tourists coming with friends or family.

This place has a well-developed theme park situated near the bank of river Sabarmati. There is a nominal entry ticket with three free rides and waterpark available inside the park. You can pack your lunch to munch in the gardens or enjoy the food facilities of the place.

You can plan a stay for one or two days with family in the nearby resorts. It is one of the most lovely places to visit near Ahmedabad for two days trip. Overall, it is a fun place to explore and venture your weekend.

Activities to do: Waterpark, Amusement Rides, Stay at Resorts

3. Indroda Nature Park

Distributed across 400 hectares of area and the second-largest hatchery of dinosaur eggs, it is popularly referred to as the Jurassic Park of India. The place is located on the bank of river Sabarmati, where the eastern part of the river is Indroda Nature Park and the western part is known as Wilderness Park.

This place is the only dinosaur gallery of India making it a most favorite place for Jurassic fans. They have various other sections like marine, reptile, and botanical garden. It is indeed a fun-loving and an educational place to visit for anyone interested to know the history of more than 300 tree species and skeletal of blue whales.

There are few open gardens, wildlife zoo, and camping facilities to plan a perfect one day picnic near Ahmedabad. You can carry a camera along with you to click some beautiful pictures by paying a nominal charge.

Activities to do: Camping, Photography, Know the history

4. Akshardham Temple, Gandhinagar

In case you’re wondering, but yes Akshardham Temple does fall into the list of picnic places. Over the years it has been the most popular picnic spot among the tourists to have great darshan of Swami Narayan, gaze the beautiful architecture, and relax in the creative garden of the temple.

In the evening, you can witness the amazing light and sound show. The amusement park brings all the fun for children and adults. During your visit to the temple, one must not miss the video museum to learn about the life of Lord Swaminarayan not only for education but peace and enlightenment.

This place is a complete package for a one day picnic, including a beautiful temple, restaurants, amusement park, gardens, exhibitions, and laser show. So if you are ready for this kind of a peaceful break with some variety of entertainment experience, do check this place.

Activities to do: Laser Show, Perform Prayers, Exhibition

5. Zanzari Waterfall

The next perfect destination for nature lovers is Zanzari waterfall, located on Vatrak River with the highest waterfall of 25 feet. Apart from this silvery waterfall, there is a Shiv temple in the neighborhood of the parking area.

One can get a visual treat of the place just by spending some time along with your friends or family. The camel rides are available for 70 bucks per person.

It is a must-visit one-day picnic place near Ahmedabad to rejuvenate yourself in the racing sound of the waterfall. You can make your trip adventurous by trekking towards the waterfall up to 3.5 km.

If you are a photo-enthusiast, then do not miss to carry a camera and fill your gallery with some beautiful moments at Zanzari waterfall.

Activities to do: Trekking, Nature Photography, Camel Rides

Bottom Line

We have sorted out a few of the best picnic places in Ahmedabad that are not only famous but offer an amazing outdoor experience. If you do happen to visit any of these places let us know your experience in the comments section below.

Also, do share your thoughts on various things to do in Ahmedabad to make your visit more fun and productive.


Feature Image Credit: aditiogarg

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