Mesmerizing Sky and Safety of Ground on Uttarayan

It’s time to say bye to winter as its gradually edging away and now its time to celebrate the radiance of the sun. This is the time when Makar Sankranti is celebrated in India. In some parts of the world, they call in Lohri and Pongal. Makar Sankranti is known as Uttarayan in Gujarat. It translates major festival for tourist as there are numerous shapes and sizes kites found in the midst of the sky.

People in Gujarat celebrate obsessively this festival of kite flying for two days, 14th and 15th January. This festival has diverse traditions and rituals as Unity in Diversity lies in every aspect of India. Kite Flying remains as the focal attraction of celebrations among children and adult. People attract towards a mesmerizing view of multi-hued skies drifting high up.

International Kite Festival, a week long festival where many cultural activities, kite flying competition, artistic making of kites and many more events are organised every year. People across the world take part in the Kite flying competition at International Kite Festival (In Gujarati it’s called ‘Patang Mahotsav’).

  • Kite Flying festival is fun-filled festival that gives joyful experience for people of all age group.
  • The fever of festival is on one side while safety is a vital factor to be considered.
  • You would have heard about the incidents taking place from minor to major serious injuries.
  • In order to have a happy and content experience for your family, it is essential to follow some safety tips for considering kite flying festival.

Safety Precautions in Uttarayan

  • Remember 3 c’s – caution, courtesy and common sense.
  • Wear glares and take proper care of your eyes as strong UV rays can cause damage to your eyes.
  • Choose a wider space for standing and flying kites. Life costs a lot more than anything else.
  • Don’t rush to catch kites or jump from one place to another to catch.
  • Keep a handy first aid kit with you for treating small cuts or minor injuries.
  • Drink more & more water and stay hydrated
  • Stay away from electric poles.
  • Apply skin lotion to prevent a tan.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and wear caps to cover your heads.

Tips for Two Wheel Drivers

Although, the sky is full of colorful kites and lanterns still there are people who travel on road. Whether you traveling to your friend’s place or for another purpose it is essential to protect yourself even on the ground. Two-wheeler drivers are major victims that are caught in while driving on the roads on this festival.

Avoid travelling on two-wheelers, but in case if you have to travel then it is essential to take some steps. Wear an essential scarf or muffle around your neck. Also, wear a fully covered helmet to protect your face from cuts of the manja. Also, drive slow as sudden kid or anyone arriving comes in your way. You would also see there are lot of threads or manjas, waste on the roads, avoid driving your vehicle on it, as it can be stuck in your wheel and may cause you problem. There are many birds that are injured and fall on the roads. It is advisable to show humanities and take them to a nearest safe place or to the veterinarian.

Summing Up

Prevention is better than cure. It is advisable to stay safe and stay protected on this festival. Follow essentials tips and take measures near you for happy and safe Uttarayan.

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