4 Best Gaming Zones and Fun Activities in Ahmedabad‎

Just as weekends begin or there are guests coming up to stay, people start searching online for – best fun and gaming zones nearby.

In a city, where most “entertainment avenues” are centered around malls/cinema halls, we bring to you a list of 4 best fun and gaming zones where you can have a blast with your family and friends.

These gaming zones are nearby, easily accessible and great spots for entertainment for one and all.

1. Fun Blast Ahmedabad

Entrance of Fun Blast at Sindhu Bhavan Road, Ahmedabad
Fun Blast – One Stop for Fun

Fun Blast Sports arena gaming is located on Sindhu Bhawan road and has come up with another happening sports arena – Fun Blast Sports. Opening of Fun Blast in Ahmedabad last year has given new vibes to the adventure and sports lovers of all the age groups. So If you are looking to spend quality time with your family and friends, this place is a must visit in Ahmedabad. Let’s travel this place virtually together before you actually reach there.

Why Fun Blast?

Although it’s a bit costlier compared to other game zones around Sindhu Bhavan, Fun Blast is worth visiting. This is because you can find many games and activities at one place. Moreover, it is also a well maintained and clean place with a huge parking facility.

Fun Blast Ticket Prices

Before we know the prices for all games and fun activities at Fun Blast, let’s first understand how pricing works there. There is a ticket counter system for outdoor games and a rechargeable card system with one year validity for indoor games.

  • Entry is Free.
  • For Indoor Games you’ll be provided with the Fun Blast Card and need to recharge it as per your need. Minimum recharge required is ₹1000. It comes with a validity of one year.
  • Once it’s recharged, you use this card in different games. The amount will be debited from card balance as you play the games. You can find the price list for indoor and outdoor Fun Blast games below. You can always check the balance in your card at machine sticks placed across the place.
  • For outdoor games, you don’t need the card. There are ticket counters available at each outdoor game. You can simply purchase the ticket and enjoy the game of your choice.

Major attractions with latest ticket price of each Fun Blast game

List of Indoor Games

Fun Blast Indoor Games Ticket Price Details
Trampoline Adult: ₹500
Kids: ₹150 to ₹250
30 Minutes
Upto 95kg weight allowed
Bowling ₹400
Arcade Games ₹50 to ₹400 Lulowang, Mini Basket Ball, Penguin Village, Air hockey and more.
Virtual Reality (VR) Game ₹150
Haunted House ₹180
Bumper Car ₹120
Wall Climbing
Human Claw Machine For kids only
Horse Racing


List of Outdoor Games

Fun Blast Outdoor Games Ticket Price Details
Joint Swing ₹120 Above 10 Years
Sky Cycling ₹120 10 Years and above and weight less than 75kg
Zip Line ₹120 6 Years and above and weight less than 60kg
Mini Appu ₹70 5 to 14 Years
Twin Cycling ₹120 15 Years and above and weight less than 75kg
Merry-Go Round ₹70 3 to 15 Years
Toy Train ₹70 No age limit
Caterpillar ₹70 No age limit
Rocket Injection ₹120 15 Years and above and weight less than 75kg
Water Boat ₹70 2 to 8 Years
Water Melon ₹70 2 to 8 Years
Mini Wheel ₹70 2 to 6 Years
Bungee Jumping ₹100 10 Years and above and weight less than 75kg
Gyroscope Ride ₹120 15 Years and above
Adventure Zone ₹120 Stage 1: 5 to 10 Years
Stage 2: 10 Years and above
Stage 3: 15 Years and above

* Prices for games are subject to change from time to time. Please check the current price at the location before you play the game.


Among the above mentioned, few activities like – Trampoline, Bowling, Ping Pong, Bumper Car, Sky Cycling, Ferrari Car Simulation and Bungee Jumping are the top favourites among the visitors.

Food Zone

Varieties of food are available along with mocktails in food zone of Fun Blast.

In and all, this place is worth visiting for kids and adults who are kids at heart to have fun, food and adventure altogether to rejuvenate from their busy lives in Ahmedabad. It is recommended to visit the place in non-peak hours as you may find it crowded during the weekends.


11 AM to 11 PM – All days of the week


Sindhu Bhavan Road, PRL Colony, Bopal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380058

Directions to Reach


SHOTT, is a next generation indoor entertainment center for each age group from 2 year old to a 75 year old. It’s an ideal place to sit, drink, play, party and relax.

They have a huge variety of games & activities like Go-karting, bowling, 360° cricket, Pac-Man, Air Hockey, Rope Course, kids city and many more simulative games and adventurous sports. The place offers a full day entertainment in a safe & vibrant environment.

They offer finger licking food, live screening of matches and host events, kitty parties, school picnics, birthday bashes and corporate events as well.

So if you are looking to relive your childhood days and throw some tantrums, then SHOTT is the perfect time machine which will take you back down the memory lane.

3. Mystery Rooms – A Real Life Escape Experience

It is a live Escape game where a team of 2-8 people is locked in a mysterious room for an hour with a task to accomplish.

Each room has a unique theme based storyline that engages the players through their environment, where they are supposed to show teamwork to find the clues, hints, use mysterious objects, solve puzzles & challenge all their senses to solve the mystery and escape in time from the room.

It’s a unique gaming and fun activity in Ahmedabad where friends, families, couples and corporates can have a great interactive entertainment.

They have 5 missions based on difficulty levels.

1. The Hurt locker – A bomb diffuse challenge
2. Lockout – A prison break challenge
3. Abduction – The final hour
4. Cabin in the Woods – The murder mystery
5. The Kon of Kohinoor – A mission impossible


The prices/charges are different on weekdays and weekends starting from RS 600 per person depending on the number of players. It’s free for kids below 5 years. 5-9 years RS 300 on weekdays and Rs 400 on weekends. 2 adults are compulsory in a team and valid IDs needed to be shown.

4. Boot Camp – The Adventure Zone

Boot camp is the only adventure sport activity center in Ahmedabad which is like a mini version of Della Adventure at Lonavala, Maharashtra whereby they offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor fun activities for people of all age groups.

They have made the adventure sports accessible and affordable to one and all taking care of quality and safety at the same time.

The outdoor sports they offer are Paintball, Archery, Rope Activities, Shooting, Zorbing, Segway, Trampoline and many more activities which encourage team spirit and give adrenaline rush.

They also have box motion games and indoor games. All in all an ideal place to spend quality time with family, friends and colleagues.

Final Words

So guys, if you are looking for gaming zone and fun activities in Ahmedabad‎ to spend quality time with your friends you just got the destination options to choose from. Have a blast and do let us know how useful the information was and how did you find the places.


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Mystery Rooms
Boot Camp – The Adventure Zone

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