Atal Bridge (Sabarmati Riverfront Foot Over Bridge) is Now Open

Update: H’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi to e-inaugurate the iconic Atal Pedestrian Bridge at Sabarmati River Front Today (27th August, 2022, Saturday) 5:30 PM. With that being said, the bridge will remain open for public visits after inauguration.

Banner stating PM Narendra Modi to e-inaugurate the Atal Bridge on 27th August 2022
Atal Bridge e-inauguration

Riverfront is one of the hot favourite spots for Amdavadis as it has a lot of fun filled and rejuvenating places and activities for all the ages. Keeping the interest of denizens and tourists in mind, the Sabarmati Riverfront authority keeps adding new attractions on the riverfront one by one.

Recently, after successful inclusion of Helicopter Ride in Ahmedabad, the Sabarmati Riverfront authority is coming up with a new tourist attraction – Atal Pedestrian Bridge or Riverfront Foot Bridge in Ahmedabad.

The glass foot over bridge will be called Atal Pedestrian Bridge, to commemorate the contribution of our former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

This bridge has been known with different names among Amdavadis. Like:

Original Name: Atal Pedestrian Bridge

Other Names

  • Riverfront Foot Over Bridge
  • Sabarmati Riverfront Walkway Bridge
View of Riverfront Foot Over Bridge from outside the bridge
Riverfront Foot Over Bridge in Ahmedabad

Riverfront Foot Over Bridge in Ahmedabad

Where is the Riverfront Foot Over Bridge Located in Ahmedabad?

The foot over bridge is located between Ellis Bridge and Sardar Bridge in Ahmedabad. Here is the exact location in the map.

Approved by the Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corporation Limited (SRFDCL) board in March, 2018, the foot over bridge connects the East and West side of Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad.

Westside entry opens in the Riverfront Flower Park. While the East side entry would open in an Exhibition Hall (upcoming).

The bridge is mainly developed for walking and it also has seating arrangements for the denizens and tourists who would like to enjoy the beauty and panoramic view of the river Sabarmati from the bridge.

The kite themed bridge is constructed keeping the city’s kite festival in centre. The vibrant colours of decoration and glasses also reflect the hues of kites and the celebration of Uttarayan festival.

Aerial view of the bridge looks like a giant fish. It is a tubular steel superstructure, design of which was selected after a competition.

Sabarmati Foot Bridge or Atal Pedestrian Bridge is 300 Meter Long, 10 to 14 Meter Wide. About 2,100 Metric Ton metal is used in construction of this bridge.

A closer View inside the Riverfront Foot Over Bridge
View inside the Riverfront Foot Over Bridge

Facilities at Atal Pedestrian Bridge

The Foot over bridge in Ahmedabad has the following facilities.

  • Seating benches
  • LED lighting for dynamic colours
  • Greenery and scenic beauty
  • Art and Culture Gallery
  • Food outlets nearby
  • Parking for two and four wheelers
  • Cycling path
  • Boating
  • Tree plantation on the bridge (upcoming)
  • Misting System for cooling, especially in Summer
  • 6 different colour schemes

There’s no information about entry fees or timings revealed by authorities yet. We’ll update here, once we have more confirmed information about The Foot Over Bridge.

View of Atal Pedestrian Bridge from the entrance of Flower Park

More About the Bridge

NameAtal Pedestrian Bridge
Length300 meters
Width10 to 14 meters
Made ofGlass and approx. 2600 metric ton Steel
CostAround ₹74 crores (₹750 million)
LocationBetween Ellis Bridge and Sardar Bridge
West Side EntryFrom the Flower Park
East Side EntryExhibition Hall (upcoming project)
Entry FeesNot decided yet
TimingsNot decided yet
DirectionsWest Side – Google Map
Is Atal Bridge open to the public?

Yes, the Atal Bridge (Riverfront Foot Over Bridge) will be opened for public visits from 27th August 2022, 5:30 PM.

What are the entry fees for Atal Pedestrian Bridge?

There’s no confirmation about entry fees for the Atal Pedestrian Bridge yet. It’s still unclear whether there will be fees levied for visiting the Riverfront Foot Over Bridge or not.

What materials were used to build this bridge?

The bridge has been made of approx. 2600 metric ton Steel and Glass.

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