Get Your Business Featured

Want to feature your business, product or service on ExciTrend? Here we have complete solutions for you.

First of all let’s discuss what can be featured on ExciTrend?

  • Any business, product or service
  • Your event, workshop or exhibition
  • Your local store
  • If you are working as a freelancer or working from home, we can still feature you (or your business) on ExciTrend.

A few examples of businesses that get featured on ExciTrend

  • Restaurant, Hotel or Cafe
  • New Product or Store Launch
  • Your Existing Store/Shop
  • Events like Food Festival, Concert, Garba, New Year Parties or any other event
  • Products or Services
  • Social Activities
  • YouTube Channel or Video
  • Political Profile

And many more!

Benefits of getting featured on ExciTrend

  • More attention to your business, products or services
  • Increase in visitors on your website, social media page/profile or store visits
  • Increase in sales and customers
  • Branding
  • Very low rates as compared to printing media ads

Ready to get featured? Want to know more?

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Check out this PDF document to see 'Banner Ad' examples and their sizes.

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